Swedish Champions!

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So we're back in Sweden to finish off the season and it couldn't have gone better! We just won the Swedish Championship with Köping Inline at SM-veckan 2016 in Norrköping! I've had an amazing time here joining forces with my old Ice Fernz coach Ulf Hall as head coach of our inline team. SM-veckan (Eng. Swedish Championship Week) is a great event with loads of different sports and thousands of athletes gathering in one city for a week to battle for the Swedish Championship in their sport. Inline hockey has been part of the line-up for years, but this is the first year when the women's inline hockey championship will be decided at the big event. I've joined Köping Inline for the finals with a great mix of players with some girls I know from Team Sweden as well. We went unbeaten in the finals and clinched the championship in the final against the girls from Wermland by a score of 8-4! Thank you everyone at Köping Inline for having me on your team!

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