Worlds: We're safe!

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What a great day! We beat Turkey through incredible hard work, determination and team play and to crown the day, I scored my first ever IIHF World Championship hat-trick!

The stakes couldn't have been higher as both teams knew that a loss would mean relegation to the qualification round for next year's world championships. All the girls knew that today was the day that counted the most and we prepared both mentally and physically to go out and win and win we did!

It wasn't an easy game by any stretch and it was clear that both teams went all out. There were a couple of instances where game had to be stopped and medics brought onto the ice, one of the Turkish girls had to be stretchered off as well and we all hope she's doing well. Everyone on the ice gave their all and skated to their absolute limits. I think we just about had the edge for every one-on-one battle and we were just that little bit faster and more structured than the Turks, which made all the difference. At the final whistle the score was 7-4 for the Ice Fernz and we had secured our place at the 2017 IIHF Ice Hockey Women's World Championship Division 2 Group B. We had reached our tournament objective with one game to go.

The tournament finishes tomorrow and our last game is against Mexico. The pressure to stay in this division is gone and we're skating against Mexico full of optimism, determination and full of winning mentality from today's game. Bring it on!

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