Back to Sweden!

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I was lucky enough to be able to travel to Sweden to continue playing for Fantomas in the Swedeish Vinterligan 2015-2016 season!

Fortunately I had a gap in the Spanish Elite League schedule and I was able to attend the second round in Sweden. I had plenty of games to break in the new stick and get used to the different feel. I played 7 games over the two days. I got my first goal with my new TAC stick on the Saturday! Our team consists of players from across Sweden, a Finn and I. We tied two games and lost three - a big improvement from the first round. I also played two more games for another Swedish team.

After our games on Saturday I went to a professional ice hockey game from the Swedish Hockey League (SHL) - Frolunda v Djurgården. It was unreal! Both teams are ranked near the top so it was a close and extremely fast-paced game. The home team (Frolunda) won by one goal. The crowd was also incredible - I don't think I've even seen such dedicated fans.

I'd like to say a huge thank you to the Fantomas for having me on your team and to Gothenburg Inline Hockey Club for being such great hosts for the league!

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